Wednesday, March 23, 2011

408 Large Antiqued Floor Mirror in Aged Copper Frame

Another beautiful piece of furniture in Justin & Burk's shop in Portland Oregon; this floor mirror built by us. 

The frame has a simple profile and is finished with several layers of casein paint followed by a couple layers of aged copper leaf.  

Detail of mirror antiquing.  Close study of real antique mirrors and patient development of my process makes my mirrors look very authentic.  

Close view of frame in natural daylight.  A layer of gunmetal blue hides behind the copper.  You can see the greenish blotches from chemical "aging" of the copper leaf.  All layers are protected by a matte clear coat with a subtly crackled texture. 

Close view of frame under incandescent light showing layers of gunmetal blue and barn red paint, copper, and green copper "age".  

Another close view under incandescent light. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

398 White Painted Harvest Table, Hand Carved, French Country

Beautiful white painted cabriole dining table (newly built by us of course) sits in Justin & Burk's lovely shop in Portland, Oregon.  
Detail of leg and end apron showing hand carving and paint texture. 
The finish is built up of several layers of casein paint.  Casein paint sticks like glue, is rugged, has a great antique look, a wonderful sheen and feel, and can be coaxed into crackling perfectly. 
Close view of top texture.  
First layer of paint is a gentle olive green, next a dove grey, finally a neutral ivory white. 
At center of side apron. 
Photographed in our studio.
Another view
End apron view, showing square pegs, and detail.  The apron on this design is extra thick and this detail shows in a subtle way at the right viewing angles. 
End view.  
Top view; this table was more heavily eroded.  
Foot detail showing extra "aging" and "dirty" at floor. 
End apron showing square pegs and subtly crackling paint.  This paint is non toxic and food safe.  
Showing hand carving, aged effects. This particular piece went to live in Manhattan.  But Of Course we can do custom sizes!