Tuesday, April 23, 2013

552 Outdoor Table

This trestle table is distressed and finished to look antique.  It is built of solid oak and is very sturdy, and has been finished with a penetrating living finish that will perform outdoors.  Here it is in San Jose California.  
Detail of the end stretcher.  The table comes apart here and could be shipped in pieces to save space.  

Detailing of the aprons and tops of the legs.  This table can easily be built with leaves.  

Detail of top, showing round pegs at each "joint".  There are no actual joints in this table; since it was expected to be exposed to some rain, we built the top with separate boards and coated all six sides of each board with a water resisting, tough and resilient finish.  

This shows fake "cracks" in the wood.  The oak we used here was new and kiln-dried and had no such cracks.  Each one was added by me in order to make the top look like an antique.  

Detail of top.  This is supposed to look 100 years old at least, with spots, cracks, texture, and rough joints and lots of color complexity.  

Very close view of top texture showing round pegs. 

Showing the basic shape and simple trestle design.  We spent quite a bit of time mocking up the end stretcher and making sure that it was comfortable to sit at.  We originally made this table for a tall family.  Many of our customers are tall, and find that genuine antiques are built too low and with too wide of an apron for them.  This table "sits" very well at the end and it is very comfortable to prop the feet on that end stretcher.  Generous end and side overhangs on this piece make it possible to use arm chairs all around.  
Here is an inspiration picture of a genuine 18th Century rustic farmhouse table that the client chose for guidance on the color and finish effects.  It's for sale at www.liveauctioneers.com.

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