"You understand the details of cabinet construction and the technical challenges of installation so well that it is really a pleasure to discuss and design projects together.
What's more is to discover on the job, some little thing or issue that you anticipated and included in the design to make the install even easier.
Your background in furniture building and artistic talents make each piece unique and artful.
I've learned a lot working with you and look forward to many more opportunities."
Thanks for the great work.
T.C. - General Contractor, Portland Oregon

“Suzanne is a delightfully creative designer and a superb artisan. She really takes the time to listen to you and figure out what you would like, and then she totally sets her mind to it and thinks carefully about the project from all angles. I am pleased beyond my expectations at the end result."  
C.K. Portland, Oregon 

(back story:  this was a beloved rocking chair which experienced a devastating injury (all back slats completely broken) as result of a wrestling match gone wrong, and was placed in the garbage.  It was later secretly retrieved by the husband for us to repair and give to his wife for Christmas).
Dear Buck and Suzanne-
"Thank you very much for the work that you did on my wife's rocking chair!  The reaction that I got when Joelle first laid eyes on it was priceless and will 
never be forgotten...it truly made our Christmas!  The work was outstanding and 
as Joelle said you could never tell that it had been damaged in the first place. 
 So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing craftsmanship, the 
hard work, and for driving up to transfer it!"
Thanks again!
D.B. Battle Ground, Oregon

"Suzanne..we got the table...just absolutely stunning...which I knew it would be...I can't believe how spot on it is to the original picture...
Truly, your work is amazing....!!
Thank you so much for everything...the whole experience has been so great...it couldn't have been better ....
I hope you continue to make furniture to sell....your attention to detail and care in providing a perfect product would sell you many more pieces of furniture!!
Thanks again...
JW and BW, Wisconsin

Buck and Suzanne did an amazing repair and refinishing job on my 9' long solid mahogany conference table.  Their attention to detail is outstanding  and their dedication to their work is inspiring.  I have also had the good fortune to visit their shop, and it is truly a wonder.  Buck and Suzanne can make or fix just about anything made of wood.  I cannot recommend them more highly."
MLD, Portland, Oregon

"We were very satisfied with the work that you did on the chair.  It has been in the family a long time, and you ability to fix it so that we can continue to use it with our children was terrific.  Thank you!"
J.L. -  Portland

"Hello! The mirror arrived this morning and my husband already hung it up in our Living Room and WE LOVE IT!!!! Very perfect addition to our home, thank you so much!!"
J.R. of Cleveland, OH

"I wanted to tell you that the table came and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I just love it and so does my husband.  You did a fantastic job and we really appreciate all of the effort you put into this.   
It’s just really outstanding.  Thank you so much."
 M.S. of Kansas

"The table came today. I love, love, love it!!!!!! It came out looking great. I am so happy. It looks beautiful in the space off the kitchen. I thought I might miss the reflection off of my glass table, but no way. It is truly a fabulous table. Even my skeptic husband has been admiring it…
I will send you pictures soon and for sure when I get new chairs.
Hope business is going great for you guys. I will absolutely recommend you to others interested.
My warm regards to Buck.
Thank You So Much."
M.T. - Wisconsin

"Suzanne and Buck do beautiful work. They approached it with the idea of making tabletops that would wear better than what we had in the restaurant. We were intrigued and gave them a shot. First they made 2 tabletops for us that not only are gorgeous, but seem to miraculously improve with wear. After that we commissioned them to refinish and rebuild a large 12 person table we have in the restaurant. Once again we were thrilled with the results. We are now big fans of Inventia design."
A.F.  -- Co-owner, Le Pigeon and Little Bird Restaurants, Portland OR

"We absolutely love the table, all our company thought it was fantastic.  You do wonderful work.  Thank you thank you thank you again." 
P.M., Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Just got the table today!  It is so beautiful and exactly what I had pictured in my mind.  The color is perfect!!  Thank you so much for creating this very special piece that we will enjoy for many, many years.  Happy turkey day!"
J.A.  of Montclair, NJ)
(several months later)  
"We absolutely love our table and have gotten so many compliments on it.  I've had little spills here and there with absolutely no staining."  (J.A. of Montclair NJ)

"The finish on my farm table was gorgeous the day it arrived and grows more so with time.  My 3 year old son has added his own "distressing" to the table top, but the beauty is only enhanced.  The meticulous, professional hand distressing and almost indestructible finish allow me and my son to breathe easy and enjoy life with something beautiful, not have our lives, behaviors, or meals dictated by it.  
Kudos to you, Suzanne and Buck.  I would recommend anyone buy living finish furniture, those with small children especially."
Sincerely, A.M. (Of Virginia)

"Suzanne,  I wanted to tell you how well the TV cabinet looked in my house.  I am very happy with the design and the paint finish. "  
(S.J. of Portland)

"We also had our cabinet maker over on Saturday to work on one of our doors, and he took a look at the table.  HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  He is a very detailed guy... and it is his job to be specific/detailed on his work.  He often gets so irritated at those who just don't take the time to do things right or pay attention to the details.  Anyway, he was climbing under the table and pointing things out to us that we may never have noticed--from a construction/woodworker perspective...
Needless to say, we love our table and it is in a good home.  I'll send photos of it at some point...  It is so nice to know our table was made by people who love and care about the work they do.  The table and benches really show that.  A good friend of mine who grew up in France could not believe it wasn't an antique (way to go Buck!) 
Thank you for everything!"
D.F. of Scottsdale, AZ

"My wife Kimberly and I have used the professional furniture staining services of Buck & Sue on 2 occasions, being delighted with the results and interactions with them in both instances.  
In the first, they did a marvelous job refinishing an armoire and dresser which were previously finished, to match the existing furniture in our master bedroom. 
In the second, they again did a fantastic job finishing an unfinished coffee table, matching it to the other existing furniture in the living room. 
Beyond their exquisite craftsmanship, artistry, and very reasonable prices, both Buck and Sue are consummate professionals and were a pleasure to work with, so much so we can honestly say that they have become our friends through this very enjoyable process.  
Both Kimberly and I recommend them without any reservation whatsoever!"
With much gratitude,
R.H. and K.H. (Portland, OR)

Hi Suzanne,
The table arrived a few days ago! It's really beautiful.  Thank you so much for your patience with the design process and for your beautiful work.  I've got some more ideas for tables for various spots in my house - so I hope you don't mind if I contact you again when we are ready to start with other rooms.  It fits perfectly.  I don't knock my knees when I'm getting in and out of the bench, my legs fit under when I pull up, etc.  Thanks so much for working through all that with me.”

J.B. of Bethesda, MD

You guys went way beyond.  THANK YOU.
“First, the table not only met my expectations, it far exceeds them!  I couldn't be happier with the table and everyone who sees it absolutely loves it.
Second, I realized that I would much prefer working one-on-one with someone like yourself.  I enjoyed having input creatively and it allowed me to get exactly what I wanted.  I was so impressed with the level of detail and knowledge you have about what makes a good table from the size, finish, pegs, and everything else."
I hope you and Buck have a wonderful 2016.  
Thanks again.

S.K. - Minnesota

"I did see the table in person last week. Stunning! Both our firm and the clients were very happy.  I thoroughly enjoyed working collectively with you to make the table design with the original aesthetics as well as our custom dims. I also really appreciated the samples you sent."
S.S.  of Los Angeles

"Suzanne, the table has arrived in good condition. It is beautiful and fits perfectly in the space. I did not ask what you suggest to polish or clean table. I use lemon oil on some of my antiques but I don't think it would be right for this. Thank you and Buck for your hard work"
M.R. of Colorado

"I just want you to know that my son and daughter in law love the table.  From what I can tell from the picture they sent it looks great!  Thank you for delivering it also."
J.M. of Seattle

"It looks as if it has always been there" (regarding a guard rail project) .
L.B. of Oregon

"My Baby is home!!! I'm in loveđź’“! She just arrived today in one piece. You and your husband are so talented! She turned out just as I imagined. STUNNING! The mirrors also made it without a scratch, and they are absolutely perfect as well! We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation so I will send pics when all is done.
You have been wonderful to work with, I can't thank you enough..."
L.L. of Omaha 

I absolutely LOVE the mirror!!! Its just beautiful and exactly
what I hoped for!! You did such an incredible job on it!!! Thank you again for all
of your hard work and beautiful artistic ability. I admire it every single day!!!
Thank you again for this beautiful mirror!!!
C.S. of St Louis 

Got home and my husband had the table set up.  It is gorgeous.  I love it.  Perfection.
Thank you (and Buck) so much for creating this heirloom for us. 
H.P. of New York

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