First up:  some of the specialty finishes we have done.  Keep scrolling and you'll see finish samples and choices toward the bottom. 
The only way to finalize a finish choice is in your own home and lighting.  Therefore we always make sure that you get a sample package of chips in the mail.  I also try to make my samples as large as practical while still fitting in a regular box.  
Faux tortoiseshell

Faux marble

Faux marble:  Real marble smalls at top - Faux painted, large, bottom right
"Aged lead" plinth for statue (no real lead, just paint look-alike)

Real marble in the small blocks, faux painted marble on the large slab.

More faux marble

Heavily distressed chair paint

Heavily distressed chair paint 2

Mildly distressed chair paint

"aged" copper and antiqued mirror

Painted, gilded Swedish look grey antiqued mirror & frame 

Aged, crackly paint under gilding

Faux bronze finish on chair to match discs on table base. 

Closeup faux bronze

Heavily antiqued mirror for tabletop 

silver leaf

Aged paint with a little silver leaf here & there

Aged painted finish 

Huge antiqued mirror, light touch

Antiqued mirror and aged copper frame.  
Heavily distressed antiqued painted mirror

Distressed paint, gild, antiqued mirror 

Finish choices:  We will send you a box of samples in the mail so you can look at colors in your own home and lighting.  These photos will give you a start at narrowing down choices.  
01 Finish samples:  Medium to dark brown stained (translucent)

02 Finish Samples:  Beachy / one medium thrown in for comparison / contrast

03 Finish Samples:  Light browns

04 Finish Samples:  Oak, light to dark. 

05 Finish Samples, 2 Oak one (very dark) Sapele

05 Finish samples:  Bleached French oak at top; light brown regular oaks at bottom.

06 Various light neutral painted and stained examples

07 Finish Samples:  Light neutral stains and paints

08 Finish samples:  More light neutral stains / paints. 

09 Finish samples:  Eroded painted finishes

10 Finish samples:  Paints.  Swedish "dirty whites"

11.  Finish samples:  A variation of paints and one aged copper. 

12.  Finish samples:  Aged copper / Rust

13.  Finish samples:  Multi-layered paints, some with chalky glazes

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