Monday, November 18, 2013

553 Gustavian cabinet

Here is a beautiful Swedish style bedroom cabinet with clean lines and great proportions designed by Laura Baker of the Uplifters in Santa Monica for a client in Manhattan.
The piece needed to fit inside a freight elevator, in a building with a rather convoluted hallway system.  You never know what you will get in Manhattan.  We decided the safest bet was to have the piece come apart in 9 sections.  The piece assembles and disassembles easily, and the joints between the sections are undetectable to the eye.  The joints between six of those nine sections are captured here in this photo, and each section was finished separately from the others; yet when assembled, the piece appears seamless, as it should look.
Close up view of finish details showing slight aged crackle effect.  

Showing drawers -- these are guided using handmade wooden undermount guides - giving the piece an old school look and feel, and yielding maximum drawer height. 
Drawer detail:  Undermount wooden guides

These are pullout shelves in the lower cabinet sections.


My personal favorite detail:  zig zag shelf supports.

Simple off the shelf hinges seemed perfect for this style.

I love the profile of this simple crown.

Each of our clients gets a selection of finish samples in the mail from which to choose.  The only right way to look at finish samples is in your own home and in your own lighting.  Samples are then sent back to Portland so that we can make sure the piece matches the sample you choose.  Shown here are the two finish examples chosen for this piece.