Wednesday, April 15, 2015

459 Primitive Artist's Work Table

Here is one that Buck designed and built of pine and alder (36  1/2 x 115 x 30 1/4 h.)  It has an extremely heavily distressed texture.

The story behind this piece is that it used leftover wood from the shop, and was designed and built on spec.  I then intermittently used the table as my workbench in the shop and outdoors for a few years.  The resultant rich color and texture is the result.
A picture of the entire top.  The wood is not raw but is protected with the same living finish we use on many of our other distressed furniture.  The wood has also been chemically hardened.  Despite looking rough, it is quite smooth, and is easily cleaned and will not snag a cloth. 

The side aprons appear large but are actually placed toward the center of the table such that they stay out of the way.  Arm chairs could be used around the entire table, and there is plenty of legroom.
End overhangs are very generous , and again, the end aprons are set back far enough not to bump knees.

Placement of the end stretcher near the floor was carefully considered for comfort while sitting:  resting the legs on that end stretcher is comfortable and natural; and the knees will still miss the apron.

This table is for sale right now; contact us for details: