Sunday, December 22, 2013

580 Fitted beach kitchen

Here a small beach house on the Washington coast that has gotten a nicely fitted kitchen done in natural fir.  Designed by Tom Chartrand, executed by Tom Chartrand and Jeff Axtell.  We (Buck O'Kelly) built the kitchen cabinets. 
Here is an antique baker's table that Buck modified so that it would fit in this small alcove and function as a cooktop.  The table was too low for comfort, so Buck added length to these turned legs.  Because it was too deep, Buck subtracted material from the table and drawers, and lightly refinished the piece to preserve its patina.  

Another view of the dough table -- Tom added a sleek and functional cooktop to the surface.  

Another view of the kitchen
Showing granite countertops, and all the builtins in the sink area and stove area.  Nice deep drawers.  The tall narrow element is meant to be for cookie sheets and other flat items.  You can see a row of brass rods down the center to keep the items in order.