Tuesday, April 23, 2013

466a Davy Jones Mirror

This is a newly built mirror frame, painted to look old, and a new mirror, stripped and chemically aged to look antique.  The idea here was to create something that looked nautical, as if it had hung in the great stateroom of a luxury liner, which sank - and of course now Davy possesses it.  
The frame is of solid poplar and was turned on a lathe - it's a "faceplate turning" in which the whole thing rotates and the profile is cut with shaped chisels.  

Many layers of distressed casein paint give this finish its complexity.  The antique mirror is in fact brand new.  To antique a mirror properly, one must strip the paint off the back and age it with chemicals that eat away the silver.

Close view of paint and mirror.  This piece measures 33 3/4 inches in diameter and belongs to a local Portland man whose favorite color is grey.  It can be ordered in custom sizes.  

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