Tuesday, April 16, 2013

542 Curvy French Table

Here is an absolutely beautiful hand carved solid alder dining table that seats 8 generously and squeezes 10.  Dimensions are 40 x 110 on this one; however, we do gladly make custom sizes.  

It wears a living finish (of course) and has a rich, complex, antique walnut finish somewhat on the darker side of normal.  

This one is color #33 which is a nice neutral.  All of these colors are exceedingly complex, which means that they'll harmonize with exactly everything. 

Closer view of the top, showing little round pegs at the joints. 

Showing the end.  

Showing the curvature of the leg.  The thin ankle makes the whole thing look like a very nicely shaped tall woman up on little pointy heels.  A nice feature here is that the apron is rather thicker than one would expect, and this is visible when viewing the table at this angle shown here.  

Showing a close view of the carving, texture, end grain, fake cracks and "worm" damage.  

View of the leg and apron showing how the leg and apron transition together so smoothly and gracefully, with square pegs at the joints.  

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