Sunday, February 10, 2013

531 Gustavian Sideboard

Here is a rustic dining room sideboard with an antique Swedish look.  It went to live in Forest Hills, New York.

Here is a close view of the brass chicken wire door panels.  These have been aged so that the brass looks old. 

Here's a close view of the top.  It is a multi layered casein paint that has been given a heavily distressed look.  I really love it when a client is willing to pull the "ultra-heavy" trigger on the distressing level and go bold with color. 

Front view...

Top close up

A super-zoomed-in view showing texture of the top on a very "blown-away" area. There's chipping, "worm" holes, cracks, and a little crackle.

Edge of top

Edge of top at curve

A lovely sweeping curve on each end makes this piece hug the wall.  It is a nice shape. 

Look closely at the base; there are some fake cracks in the "veneer". 

I was baffled and seriously disappointed to find that while in storage, my brass chicken wire had become broken in many places.  

I decided to attempt a repair by twisting thin brass wire around the existing structure to bridge the weak spots.  

I'm really happy with how the repairs turned out; I think it adds to the richness of the piece.  

Graceful turned foot with extra "aging" near the floor

We worked with Jennifer Flanders of New York on this project:  out of a whole box of paint colors she chose these two greyed ivories and this lovely robins egg blue

Showing the three colors.  In real life, the piece has a soft, complex look that's very pleasing, and the entire dining room looks yummy.   


  1. This is really lovely! Great colors. I was searching for items with this painting technique, and this the most natural looking example of distressing I have come across. Great job!