Sunday, July 17, 2011

443 Dual pedestal goblet base table with aged ivory paint

Here is a dual pedestal table that went to Wisconsin.  The finish was meant to look very aged and yellowed, particularly at the base, and was to have multiple layers of casein paint (of which, very little remained on the top).  

Showing details of the foot plate, at the floor -- paint was supposed to look very worn and heavily distressed, with lots of yellowing.  
Showing details near the base of the column.  

Shows pedestal detail at top. 

Top texture and color

Another look at the table against a dark background. 

More details on base.

This picture shows the joints between the top boards at the edge, and splines which hold them in place.  

Top details.  

Top finish, showing erosion of the grain and different layers of paint. 

"Worm" damage to the top, crackling paint.  

This shows how the trestle arms hold the top.  These are sliding dovetails which allow the top to expand and contract across the grain with the seasons, as all wood will do.  

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