Saturday, May 4, 2013

540 Classic Round

Here is a close view of the top, showing texture and antiquing.  As usual this one has a living finish.  That means it is a finish that allows people to live, eat, drink and breathe easy without worrying about rings and stains and other things that usually ruin table tops.  
Hidden underneath, at the very outside perimeter of this base, are six appliance style levelers, which will make the base as solid as a rock, especially on our client's lovely uneven, wide plank wooden floor. 

A close view of the base, showing antiquing and texture.  

When the piece is done and ready to ship, every out of town client gets a series of pictures, including pictures like this one showing the finish sample against the piece.  This finish sample is color number 35, which is a nice, neutral color that looks like antique walnut.  

The table is made of solid alder, an inexpensive wood that grows like a weed in the Pacific Northwest.  It is therefore a great "green" choice; the texture and grain is lovely, and it can imitate more expensive fruitwoods flawlessly. 

Here is the table in our client's Northern California dining room.  

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