Tuesday, July 30, 2013

555 Ash Round w. Leaves

Here is a small (45 inch diameter) solid ash pedestal table with turned pedestal and foot plate.
With the addition of the two 12 inch leaves, it becomes a nice oval.  Look closely where the foot plate contacts the floor, and you will see levelers at the very edge of the foot plate.  These are threaded and turn in and out.  There are about a dozen of them equally spaced around the edge.  They will provide stability on any floor no matter how uneven.  

Showing top - needed to be, in this case, a pristine finish (I.E. no distressing).

Showing top texture and color

Showing apron detail.  Ash has a beautiful and very prominent grain.

Top detail.  Ash is extremely hard, mills beautifully, has a rich and interesting grain pattern, comes in thick stock - a furniture maker's dream wood.  

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