Thursday, May 28, 2015

597 Large rustic oval pedestal dining table

A bespoke design for a local client (55 x 75 oval; 30 in h.)  The dining room required an oval.  Our clients did not like the feeling of having table legs in the way of scooting more chairs around the piece when extra guests were around.  A traditional pedestal design was rejected, and this simple rustic base resulted.
"Under the hood" are these graceful shaped arches.  They are high enough not to hit the knees.

Massive stretchers below complete the pedestal. 
This light green-gold finish was chosen to harmonize and contrast. 
The top is pieced and is solid mahogany.  Two massive, 16 inch wide slabs had to be found for the ends.

A nice rich living finish on a very unusual piece. 

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