Sunday, February 19, 2012

248 / 391 French country scroll base breakfast table

Here is a small solid pine dining table with a grey and white "whitewashed" finish of durable casein paint and a living finish.
This is a "before" picture of chairs, painted above.  This set of four chairs appeared on Craigs list and I added layers of greyish casein paint and a weathered finish.  

Another version of the same scroll based round table:  this one sits in a breakfast nook and is 40 inches diameter, but the table can be built in any size and in any species of wood.  This table "reads" creamy white at a distance, 

But the colors used are a variety of confetti shades, with the table's prominent stripes outlined in jeans blue.   
Showing highly eroded painted finish.  the raw pine in this case had plenty of large knots, but can be obtained in a quieter look, with smaller knots.

Close view of finish at table's edge.  We used a penetrating drying oil to give the raw wood protection and a living finish.  

As with all living finishes it is not necessary to protect the table with placemats or coasters, and the table will not develop rings.  It is never recommended to put a hot pan from the stove on the table without a trivet; however, all other normal kitchen wear and tear will not affect the piece. 

Close view of the table's base.  

Elevated platform on scroll base provides great foot room underneath the pedestal base.  

Another view of pedestal

A different paint color scheme

Close view of foot showing green / white / blue color scheme

Another view of foot

Close view of top showing severe erosion and distressing of surface

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