Saturday, April 28, 2012

500 French Provincial Dining

A bespoke design for a local Portland family - we designed and built this cabriole dining table to go with this set of chairs.  A lot of our clients are taller than average, as were the people in this family.  They wanted plenty of leg room, and so the overall height of this piece is 1/2 inch higher than standard, and the apron height was chosen carefully to look proportionate but provide plenty of height.   
This was the inspiration piece; however, this table was built with the intention to exactly duplicate the design shown on a pre-existing photo.  In the end, I was unsatisfied with the awkward way in which the legs joined the apron. 

This design is, to my eye, a vast improvement over the table shown above; the apron on this one slants slightly outward at the bottom and therefore transitions into the leg seamlessly.  

This is reclaimed douglas fir from an old Oregon barn; it was stained dark and given a good dose of wood hardener and lots of penetrating drying oils as a "living" finish. 

This detail on the apron was meant to imitate or blend with the details on the chairs.  Scalloped beads are meant to evoke the classic French Provincial furniture treatment  

View of side apron, showing hand carving and the gently slanted apron.  

I was very pleased with these legs, and used this opportunity at re-designing to also re-work the leg curves.  

Showing corner where leg and apron meet.  Square pegs at the joints provide extra texture. 

Showing distressing and carving texture.  

Side apron and leg detail. 

End apron detail.  

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