Tuesday, July 14, 2015

633 Enormous table for Brown Design Group

Another lovely table newly made to order by us with an antiqued finish.  
This one is 11 feet long and 4 feet wide (30 in h.) and is a bespoke order for a client in LA.
The size of the legs was carefully considered - a delicate look was desired and yet they needed to be sturdy enough to support what turned out to be a fairly heavy top, braced from within to support a delicate looking but very substantial cutaway apron.
NO SAG over 11 feet

It was also necessary to reinforce the legs using a steel tension rod, inlaid into the back of the leg where the stress would be the greatest.  A strip of wood is then inlaid over this to hide the brace. 
Shaping the leg
Much time and care was taken in the finish to get this color, which is on the darker side, to show plenty of sunshine

Pictures of the top and apron show round pegs and "cracks" and "gaps" between boards.  All of these cracks and gaps are done for antique effect.
Close view of "cracks" and a spline between each board at the ends.

fake worm holes, fake cracks, fake wear and tear
Of course it gets a living finish so its family can relax and enjoy eating without worry!

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