Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Projects done for LePigeon restaurant prove durability

Shown is a set of two communal tabletops we built for LePigeon restaurant.

We rebuilt and refinished this solid walnut top as well.  The idea was to test the farmhouse finishes we had developed in a rather severe setting, where they would get heavily used.
Love this illustration by Chad Crowe.  This pretty much sums up the experience.  It's a pretty lively place and no one has time to fuss with furniture.
The tops were hand planed and the ridges left by the planing tended to wear; however stains and glass rings remain absent.  The tables retain this naturally worn appearance years later with little to no supplemental care.
We also built and finished this large antiqued mirror with antiqued copper leaf frame.  A chemically antiqued mirror was chosen so as to reflect light but not be too harsh.

Andy and Gabe were GREAT to work with.
They wanted another one for Little Bird Bistro.   Upstairs, it got a BIG table top.  The guys decided that during banquets it could serve as a banquet table and at other times it could...
Could... what??

Hang on the wall!  

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